Piazza Archimede in Syracuse

The piazza, the “elegant living room” of Ortigia, was opened in 1878, and has a thoroughly modern appearance.

It was dedicated to one Syracuse’s most illustrious sons, the Greek Archimedes (ca. 287-212 B.C.), one of the greatest geniuses in the history of mathematics and physics.

In the immediate surroundings, bars and renowned pastry shops allow one to have a break-aperitif between one art tour and another or while waiting for mealtimes.

The Fountain of Diana

At the center of the piazza is the Fountain of Diana by Giulio Moschetti (1906), dedicated to the myth of the nymph Arethusa, transformed by the goddess Diana into a spring to escape the amorous persecution of Alpheus, who in the group peeps heartbroken from behind the goddess.
The nymph is represented, nude, while about to slip into the water below with which she will blend, while all around Tritons and Nereids prance about on seahorses.

Palazzo Mergulese-Montalto

At the end of a very short street that opens onto Piazza Archimede, it is worth seeing the beautiful gothic façade of the Palazzo Mergulese-Montalto, from 1397, fresh from a restoration that saved it from a terrible fate and returned it to its elegant and original white appearance.

At the front of the palace an archeological excavation outside has brought to light several remains of ancient walls.

How to reach Piazza Archimede from the Algilà Ortigia Charme Hotel.

One finds Piazza Archimede a few hundred meters / feet from the Hotel Algilà.
Therefore, the most practical way to reach it is with a short stroll on foot.
There are no significant architectural barriers along the way.